This Project has been established to record and re-evaluate early Christianity within the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. The project aims to provide an record of the upstanding remains of all pre 1800 unroofed churches through standing building surveys, photographic surveys and the gathering of historical information from available sources. Since 2002 work has been carried out on the remains of Buittle Old Kirk, Kirkcormack, Southwick Old Kirk and Tongland Abbey.  We are also working on shortening the list of sites and visiting each parish in turn, carrying out photographic surveys on a regular basis.

The first Interim Report coving these four sites is now available, and is available direct from the project via the contacts page for £3.50 including postage and packaging. This web site aims to provide a full record of each church site, mainly through the photographic record and short notes on each site. Selected digitised drawings of each site will also be published on the web site.

We are presently engaged in the historical research for a number of sites with Standing Building Surveys also under way.

Please select a church site from the Research index to investigate further.  [Only sites with a hyperlink have been looked at.  The others will follow as the investigations continue].

Useful Reading on the Churches in the Stewartry

  •  The Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments & Constructions of Scotland- Fifth Report and Inventory of Monuments & Constructions in Galloway – Vol. II — Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. 1914
  • Pilgrimage Spots in Galloway, E. M. H. McKerlie, London 1916.
  • Rambles in Galloway, M. M’L Harper, Dalbeattie & London 1896
  • Wild Men & Holy Places, Daphne Brooke, Edinburgh 1994
  • Transactions of the Dumfriesshire & Galloway Natural History & Antiquarian Society.
  • Daphne Brook: The Northumbrian settlements in Galloway and Carrick: an historical assessment

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Stewartry Kirks Project