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SKIP0205 Troqueer Parish

Large Description of Galloway by Andrew Symson, Minister of Kirkinner written 1684. Published by Andrew Symson, 1823

TRAQUEER. The Bishop of Galloway is patron hereof; it being a pendicle of the Abbacy of Tongueland, of which more hereafter, when we shall have occasion to answer the querie concerning the revenues of the Bishoprick of Galloway. The parish-kirk is twenty-four miles distant from the town of Kirkcudburgh, and about a quarter of a mile distant from the town of Dumfreise. The parish of Traqueer is bounded on the east with the town, and parish of Dumfreise, from which it is separated by the river of Nith; on the south, it is bounded with the parish of New Abbey; on the west, with the parish of Lochruiton;

The current parish church in Troqueer. The area is now built up, and a suburb of dumfries.

Troqueer Parish Church, Dumfries - - 698012
Image: Chris Newman / Troqueer Parish Church, Dumfries