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SKIP003 Anwoth Old Kirk

Anwoth Old Kirk

The old Kirk of Anwoth is situated about 2 miles west of  Gatehouse-of-Fleet, within a walled churchyard on the right bank of a small stream called the Skyreburn.

In plan, it is a simple oblong measuring about 21.34m by 5.59m , within walls not exceeding 1.07m in thickness. There is a doorway in both the east and west walls 0.99m in width, with a simple splay worked on the outer jambs and cheeked for doors to open inwards. The arch-head of the west doorway has been patched in several places, but it is apparent that the form to the exterior has been semicircular. The upper part of the west wall is pierced by a single square-headed window, and the gable is finished with a square stone belfry. The south wall has contained five windows, four of which have been built up on the interior. The south-east window is 0.91m in width, divided into two lights by a moulded mullion 0.18min width, and with jambs moulded in the form of a double hollow with a check between. At the north-east angle are the remains of an outside stair, which no doubt led to a gallery over the east end of the building. The north wall has no openings, but rough  indications of a built-up doorway exist near the west end. Abutting upon the south wall at the east end of the church is a comparatively modern tomb-house with a doorway in the west wall. It measures 4.1m by 4m over walls about 0.61m in thickness, the west wall encroaching 0.15m over the east jamb of the mullioned window noted above. The side walls of the church are about2.9m in height, and in a fair state of repair.

The first documentary evidence for a Kirk at this site is in the 12th Century when it was given to Holyrood Abbey.

The Present ruins can be dated to 1626/27 and were probably the result of the reconstruction of the pre-reformation church.