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SKIP002 Kirkbride, Anworh

Kirkbride, Anwoth Parish

A church and graveyard are mentioned in the 1914 RCAHMS Inventory, but only as a supposed site.  It is described as being 1/4  of a mile north-west from Kirkbride Farm.

Over the years the RCAHMS have presumed this to be the site of a Church and Graveyard, but in 1994 a visit to the site prompted the assessment that it is probably prehistoric in nature ‘There is no field evidence to suggest the presence of a church, and the enclosure is more likely to represent the remains of a prehistoric settlement’.

Only a geophysical survey of the site would be able to confirm the presence of a church within the enclosure, and a graveyard.


To do:  other historical Research, and site visit for image.  Geophysical  survey?