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Large Description of Galloway by Andrew Symson, Minister of Kirkinner written 1684. Published by Andrew Symson, 1823

 This parish-kirk is near seaven miles distant from the town of Kircudburgh westward, just in the way betwixt Kirkcudburgh and Wigton. Sir Godfrey M’Culloch of Myrton, as Laird of Cardiness, is patron hereof. It is separated, on the east, from the parish of Girthton by the water of Fleet; on the south, it is bounded on the sea; on the west, it is divided from the parish of Kirkmabreck by a rivulet called Skairsbourn, which, having its rise from Cairnsmuir, and the adjacent northern mountains, will, even in the summer time, and in a moment almost, by reason of the mists and vapours in those hills, be so great, that it will be hardly foordable, which occasioned the proverb of Skairsbourn’s narning, applicable to any trouble that comes suddenly and unexpectedly. This sudden inundation proceeds, as said is, from the mists and vapours on Cairnsmuir; hence the common people say, When that Cairnsmuir hath a hat, Palnure (of which more hereafter in the description of the river of Cree) and Skairsbourn laugh at that. On the north, the parish of Anwoth is bounded with the parishes of Kirkmabreck and Girthton.