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Kirkcormack is one of the earlier churches in the Stewartry, lying within the jurisdiction of Abbey of Iona until the late 12th century when Uchtred, Lord of Galloway grants the church to the abbey of Holyrood.There is very little known about the church, and it is not until 1546 that we have then name of a vicar, Herbet Dun, who resigned and appears to have gone to Holyrood Abbey. He was succeeded by Robert Forrestar, who in 1585 fued the ecclesiastical lands of Kirkcormack to his brother Robert Forrestar.The ruins of Kirkcormack are situated within a wood in an angle formed by a sharp bend of the river Dee about quarter of a mile north-north-west of Mayfield farm. The building, which is almost reduced to its foundations, measures interiorly some 41 feet by 19 feet. Within the ruins lies a Sepulchral Slab.towards the west end. The flat slab 5 feet 6 inches in length and 1 foot 10 inches in breadth, is broken in two at 2 feet 3 inches from the upper end. Carved in high relief in Gothic letters around the margin is the inscription’Hic jacet honorabilis vir patricius macclbllan qui obiit ano d • • D° 34′. At the head of the stone placed transversely is a shield bearing arms : Two chevronels with a star in base, while incised on the lower part of the stone there has been a sword with a broad blade or scabbard symmetrically pointed. At a late date an inscription in modern lettering partly translating the original inscription has been incised across the flat upper surface.



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